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Translational masterclasses

An unmet need

There is great interest in translating faculty’s science into assets that can generate revenue for their university. However, many aspects of the translational process continue to mystify most academic scientists. Haystack Science’s Translational Masterclasses are designed to provide academics with a solid introduction to the world of science commercialization. They are an excellent tool to foster faculty development in a priority area for most academic institutions.


Structure and Audience

The Masterclass consists of two parts: 1) lectures on different aspects of science commercialization and 2) one-on-one mentoring sessions to take a deep dive into real scientific projects of immediate interest to the participants.

The Masterclass is designed with academic scientists in mind, but technology-transfer, business-development, and related professionals may also obtain great insights from the course.



Formal training on topics relevant to translating a discovery into a product. The topics covered can be customized to better suit your needs. They include:

•Introduction to drug discovery

•Target assessment

•Therapeutic modalities

•Collaboration models between academia and industry

•Basics of intellectual property

•Trends in technology transfer



A unique component of our Masterclasses, the mentoring sessions provide a valuable opportunity for scientists to receive detailed feedback on:

•The true commercial potential of their research

•Its strengths and weaknesses

•Next steps towards translation

•Potential publication strategy

•Investors who may be interested in the work

•How to present the work to a potential investor