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The Haystack 100

Rising stars

Who are the rising academic stars that will become the scientific leaders of tomorrow? Who might be the scientific founders of the next successful start-up company? What emerging research areas are these future leaders working on? Are there scientific projects outside of the traditional biotech clusters that might be of interest for company creation? The Haystack 100 has the answer to these and other questions of interest to your organization.

Hot science

Haystack Science keeps a highly curated selection of ~100 up-and-coming scientists — The Haystack 100 — that every organization interested in the commercialization of biomedical science needs to be aware of. We keep track of the research unfolding in the labs of these scientists, projects that could provide the foundation for new companies. Crucially, most of these scientists work at institutions away from the well-trodden innovation hubs  a whole new world of great science and underexposed scientists.

One source

If your organization is interested in gaining access to new projects from young scientists, we would love to hear from you to discuss your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can be of help.