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Services for organizations

Our services to individual scientists are only a part of what we do. Haystack Science also has a series of services tailored to meet the needs of science-driven organizations, from academic departments and institutes to pharma companies, and from non-profit organizations to venture funds. Get in touch today to discuss ways in which we can help you advance the scientific goals of your institution. 




Taught from the perspective of a high-profile journal by former Nature editors who also have experience in industry, our Masterclasses are an efficient way to support your publishing strategy by training groups of faculty or R&D personnel, and to provide your scientists with advice on commercialization.

Our Editorial Masterclass provides rigorous training on how to turn a great piece of science into a compelling manuscript. It is designed to give both academic institutions and biotech/pharma companies valuable insights on how to write better papers and how to navigate the publishing world.

Our Translational Masterclass is designed with academic faculty in mind, particularly those with limited experience of commercializing their science. It provides a solid introduction to the field of drug discovery and science commercialization. How do I turn my science into a new medicine? What makes a good target? What do companies look for in a collaboration? How do I pitch my work to an investor? These and other questions that often mystify academic scientists are the focus of the Masterclass.

Haystack Science's Masterclasses are excellent tools to foster faculty and staff development. Moreover, both Masterclasses focus heavily on the participants' own research to maximize their immediate impact on your organization's goals. 

Portfolio review

Haystack Science works with technology-transfer offices, economic-development corporations, and related organizations to assist them in the prioritization of their portfolio. We help our clients identify those projects more likely to attract external investment, those that should receive an additional push before they are ready for partnering, and those that should be discontinued to free up resources. And for those projects that are ready to "graduate" from the portfolio, we can bring them to the attention of our extensive network of potential investors and pharma executives interested in academic assets.

Foundation services

Small and medium foundations, particularly those managed by volunteers, often have problems deciding what proposals to fund, identifying the right reviewers for their projects, and making sense of the feedback they receive from their referees. Haystack Science works with foundations and other philanthropic organizations to help them solve these problems in a bias-free manner, optimizing the way they allocate their resources.

Haystack Science can also help identify the right individuals to join the Scientific Advisory Board of your foundation, as well as convene expert panels to assist you in setting the scientific priorities of your organization.

Over two decades of experience hunting high-quality biomedical research across the globe while at Nature and as scouts in the pharma industry helps Haystack Science tap into a vast network of academic scientists, well beyond the oversubscribed innovation hubs in North America and Europe. By taking advantage of our network, we can help family offices, venture funds and business-development pharma executives find the right project/IP for their next deal, or meet the scientific founder of a future start-up company.