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Editorial services

At Haystack, we have decades of editorial experience from working at the Nature Publishing Group. We are ready to put this experience at your disposal, and help you improve your manuscript and its chances of appearing in a top-tier journal. Our services include:

Every journal has its own set of editorial standards. A critical step when deciding where to publish your work is to establish how closely your paper meets the journal's criteria. By carefully evaluating your research before you submit the paper, we point out potential shortcomings of the work that may come up during editorial and peer review, maximizing your chances of success and saving you time by avoiding the wrong journal.

Editorial guidance

Reviewing services

Your paper has come back from the journal with a long list of concerns from the editors and/or the referees. Drawing on our vast experience evaluating manuscript reviews and rebuttals, we help you make sense of the criticisms, advise you on how to liaise with the journal editor, and prioritize and craft your response. And if you are not sure whether to resubmit the manuscript or not, we give you informed advice to help you make the best decision.

Editing services

High-profile journals love a well written paper. Beyond our evaluation of the research itself, Haystack Science can also help you improve the readability and accessibility of your manuscript. We provide developmental- and line-editing services to ensure that your paper will make the best impression once it reaches the journal office.