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Editorial Masterclasses

Ready to publish?

An article in a peer-reviewed journal continues to be the gold standard to communicate science, reach your colleagues, and spread your ideas. Publishing your work in a high-profile journal can profoundly affect your chances of securing your next grant, a promotion, or your own lab. Our Editorial Masterclass, taught by former editors of Nature journals, is designed to help researchers communicate their work more effectively and increase the competitiveness of their papers as they vie for space in a top-tier journal.


Dual curriculum

The Masterclass focuses on two broad areas:

•How to turn a good manuscript into a great paper: you will receive formal training on how to improve every section of your article, from the title to the conclusions.

•The workings of a top-tier journal: you will learn what happens to your manuscript during every step of the editorial process: from submission to review to (hopefully) acceptance and publication. 


Topics covered

•Writing informative abstracts

•Displaying data more effectively

•How to structure each section of the paper to improve its flow

•What editors look for in submissions

•Addressing reviewers' comments

•Appealing a decision

And many more


Personalized training

The Editorial Masterclass is ideal for biomedical scientists at any stage of their career — from senior academics to young trainees, from industry scientists to postdoctoral fellows. Indeed, we can customize the content of the Masterclass to match your specific needs.

Moreover, to maximize the immediate impact of the Masterclass, we encourage participants to bring their current manuscripts and receive individualized feedback from the instructors.