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Commercialization services

Haystack Science’s team has mentored hundreds of faculty members at many major academic institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCSF, MD Anderson and NYU. We are therefore very familiar with the knowledge gaps that academics have in terms of the basics of translation and target validation. These are some of the ways in which we can help you: 

Gap analysis

Your research may have uncovered a new drug target. Now what? What are the next key experiments you should undertake to validate your potential target to warrant the investment that is needed to explore its commercial potential? Haystack Science helps you identify the gaps that must be addressed to increase your confidence before embarking on the path towards developing a drug.


There are many paths to commercializing your science, each of them with pros and cons. Focusing on the strengths of your particular project, Haystack Science helps you identify the commercialization approach that will work best for you. Are you ready to approach venture investors? We have over ten years of experience working with early-stage VCs and will use that experience to help you develop your pitch. We can also introduce you to the right to venture funds and business-development executives to help you build the right network to move the project in the right direction.

Grant preparation

Grants from governments and philanthropic organizations (such as SBIR/STTR grants) are a very attractive source of non-dilutive funding to start a company, but faculty often lack the experience to tackle the business side of these grant applications. We help you avoid common mistakes when applying for business grants, improving your chances of success.